DataFire Pricing

Building and testing projects on is free. Deploying projects on your own hardware with the MIT-licensed open source framework is also free. Charges are only incurred when you create a production deployment on *

Production deployments are billed based on usage, measured in Gigabyte-seconds (GB-s). This measures a combination of how much memory your deployment uses, how many times it gets invoked, and how long each invocation takes to run. Every user gets 500 GB-s for free each month - this is about enough to run a simple task every hour.

Gigabyte-seconds per monthPriceExample
Up to 500 GB-sFreePing a URL every hour, or send ~20 emails per day
Up to 100k GB-s$9Sync data to a spreadsheet every 5 minutes
Up to 500k GB-s$29Scrape dozens of websites every minute
Up to 1500k GB-s$79Memory-intensive data-processing and computation
Over 1500k GB-s$4.20 per 100k GB-sAnything!

Deployment Sizes

DataFire offers three different deployment sizes to suit the needs of each individual project. Larger deployments will use more GB-s per second of computation performed.

Projects with low CPU and memory requirements can use the Small deployment size, which will incur the lowest costs. Memory- and CPU-intensive projects will want to use the Medium or Large deployments, which cost more per second of computation performed.

Small.5 GBlow
Medium1 GBmedium
Large2 GBhigh